Rent conditions

As to make your holiday as comfortable as possible, the rooms are organised with care. Therefore we ask you to show respect, not only for the building and the rooms, the material and decoration, but also for the surroundings. We expect the customer to behave in a responsible way and to do whatever is possible to avoid any damage.

1. Inside

The house is completely new, respect it and be careful, future customers will appreciate it. As owners we preserve the right after proper request, to enter the rented rooms or to let someone enter during and after your stay for inspection or urgent maintenance activities.

The hirer should manage the house during the renting period and is responsible for possible damage caused during his stay. The house can accommodate up to 32 people at a time and this number cannot not be exceeded in any case. When this number is exceeded the hiring agreement is legally dissolved and access to the house will be refused. In this case the hirer is held to pay the entire rent and cannot claim a refund of any paid amount.

Please put any piece of furniture or material you might have moved back in its original place.

2. Outside

Enjoy the surroundings and respect them. Campfires are prohibited.

3. General

If some things are broken, please do not hesitate to tell us. It is always difficult to set things right after departure. If you need something (material, information, help...), do not hesitate to ask.

May we ask to remove the sheets from the beds before departure. Please put all left overs and other litter in a plastic trash bag that is sealed and put it in the container.

4. Payment conditions

We only accept reservations after payment of the € 500 advance on the moment of booking.
The rest of the rent should be paid by bank transfer 2 weeks before arrival at the latest. If payment is not made in due time the reservation is cancelled and the advance is returned, after deduction of cancellation costs.

5. Responsibility

The land lord is not responsible for any damage the hirer might suffer within the execution of a profession or trade. In case of natural disasters, death of the hirer and other such things the land lord can end the tenancy contract without owing anything to the hirer. The hirer is to look after a travel and cancelling insurance himself.

The land lord is not liable for any accidents.